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About Us

Mr Lawrence from Vyasarpadi, Chennai, founded real Charitable Trust on 26 December 2007. Vision The vision of RCT is to protect human rights and the environment. Mission Support elderly people with necessities of life. Empower children to continue primary education and support their health, sports, etc. Protect the environment through Solid Waste Management, afforestation, community cleanliness and hygiene programs. Empower women through Self Help Groups (SHG). Educate and train youth on ethics, values and life skills.

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Every child has the right to good education and health. The future of a nation mainly depends on the Gross National Happiness which is proportionate to the growth and development of children.

Charitable Trust focusses on nurturing the personal and social life of children. The goal is to provide equal rights to every child without any social, economic and religious differences. RCT served more than 1500 children in and around the slums of Chennai.

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We feel that today’s generation has better compassion and respect for the elders, than their previous generation which witnessed a lot of financial and family hurdles forcing them to leave elders at old age homes or alone.

If you take social media and cinema, youngsters share a lot of useful thoughts and messages about caring elders. We at RCT, has given old age homes, not just for accommodation and food, but also to enable to join with their families again, provide employment, healthcare and complete rehabilitation.

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RCT aims to create a clean and green environment. The projects are hygiene improvement, afforestation, Solid Waste Management, Say NO to plastics, building proper Sanitation facilities, etc. We work with government and NGOs create a litter-free and hygienic environment. The objective is to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

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Women empowerment projects encourage them to improve their livelihood. We have formed Self Help Groups (SHG) for women to be independent. Empowering women is everyone’s basic duty and we appeal to everyone who is reading this to take care of the women in your family and give your love, time, energy and financial freedom for them. When women in your family live happily, the society grows and so does a Nation.

Our trust supports women to live with dignity. We create awareness about the importance of education to them and their children. The SHG takes care of their financial need by training them with small business opportunities. LIC gives every woman their basic insurance needed to live peacefully.

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Tapping the potentials of youth force is very crucial for the holistic development of the Nation. RCT works with the youth of the Nation who are in need of quality education, skills development, health, personality development, etc. The trust educates the youth for taking up major social and entrepreneurial roles in the society through carrier guidance and leadership training programs.

Our trust is dedicated to imparting moral values, ethics, skills, etc. so that they become socially responsible citizens. More than 2500 youths are benefited every year.

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Office Address:
# 297, 4th Street,
Damodaran Nagar, Vyasarpadi,
Chennai, TN-600 039.

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